Pixelmator Pro Gets New Core ML-powered ‚ML Match Colors‘ Feature [Video]

Pixelmator Pro has been updated with a new Core ML-powered 'ML Match Colors' feature that matches the colors of different photos using machine learning.
ML Match Colors does this magic by fine-tuning 37 different color adjustments, including things like Exposure, Shadows, Highlights, individual color ranges, and more. So it matches both colors and lighting! And it’s so easy to use. Just drag and drop any photo onto the Color Adjustments pane to match its colors. Fun fact: this feature is powered by the same machine learning algorithm we created for ML Enhance, so it has been trained on 20 million professional photos.
ML Match Colors is available in the Edit menu as Paste and ML Match Colors, so whenever you paste an object, you can automatically match its colors to the new image.

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